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Linked Data Research Centre (LiDRC) Laboratory

The LiDRC Lab is a collection of tools and demos we are working on in the Linked Data Research Centre, DERI at NUI Galway.

Experimental Tools & Services

In the table below you'll find tools and services we are experimenting with. They are likely not stable and are subject to (rapid) change.

The Catalog A facetted-browsing repository of the content. Richard Cyganiak
A Google Refine RDF Extension This project adds a graphical user interface (GUI) for exporting data from Google Refine projects in RDF format. The export is based on mapping the data to a template graph using the GUI. Fadi Maali
DCAT-GridWorks integration A self-service Linked Government Data workbench based on Freebase GridWorks . It enables reading government catalogs represented in dcat, cleansing tabular datasets using all of GridWorks' cool capabilities, and then exporting the result as RDF data. Fadi Maali
Galway City Council Planning Applications Shows all planning applications submitted to Galway City Council within the last four weeks. There is also a live RSS feed of the latest submission. Richard Cyganiak
Rooms in the DERI building Lists rooms inside the DERI building. At the same time, the page contains RDFa markup and defines permanent web identifiers (URIs) for the floors, wings, rooms and desks in the building. Richard Cyganiak
Linked Open Data 5-star-scheme by example Explains TimBL's 5-star-scheme for Linked Open Data with concrete examples for each level, including a discussion of costs and benefits involved for each transition. Michael Hausenblas
ve2, the voiD editor A tool that allows you to generate a voiD file in RDF Turtle format. Lets you define the characteristics of your linked dataset, such as categories, interlinking, technical features, licensing and the like, inspect the result as well as allows you to announce voiD files. Michael Hausenblas
vox, the Dataset Explorer Allows to explore Linked Datasets for which a voiD file has been made available. Further, it allows to interact with the dataset, such as its SPARQL endpoint, if available. Michael Hausenblas
omniQ An experimental service that allows you to store and execute SPARQL queries in a collaborative fashion. See the blog post Towards Web-based SPARQL query management and execution for more background information. Michael Hausenblas
Ya3, yet another aLODin agent A simple demo for 'a LOD cloud of interaction' (aLODin). See the Entity-Action vocabulary and the Ya3 source code for more details. Michael Hausenblas
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