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Recent planning applications to Galway City Council

What is this? This page shows all planning applications submitted to Galway City Council within the last four weeks. There is also a live RSS feed of the latest submissions. You can subscribe to the feed using any RSS reader, such as Google Reader.

How does it work? These are search results from the City Council's ePlan system, extracted with a scraper built using the awesome ScraperWiki platform.

Who made this? This page was made during the International Open Data Hackathon on December 4/5 2010 by a team at NUI Galway's DERI, and further improved at subsequent hack days. It is based on a scraper for Cork City planning applications made earlier by John Handelaar and adapted for Galway by Gavin Sheridan—thanks guys!

Why? We like to know what's going on in our city. The Council's planning system doesn't have a news feed and we find it too cumbersome for use by the casual citizen. Half of it only works for Microsoft Windows users.


Older planning applications are available through the City Council's Online Planning Enquiry System.