CKAN Storage Extension for Google Refine

This extension allows data of Google Refine projects to be uploaded to CKAN Storage and connected to a package on a running CKAN instance (for example


2014-03-06: A test version taht works with Open Refine and The Data Hub is released! please test it and report any issue. Pull requests (with code or documentation) are welcomed with a great gratitude and euphoria :).


This is still an early alpha release!

Quick Start Top ^

You need to have Google Refine (version 2.0 or later) installed on you machine (see download page)

  1. If not exists, create a folder named extensions under your user workspace directory for Google Refine. The latter should be findable in the following places depending on your operating system:
    • Linux ~/.local/share/Google/Refine/extensions
    • Windows C:/Documents and Settings/<user>/Application Data/Google/Refine/extensions OR C:/Documents and Settings/<user>/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Refine/extensions
    • Mac OSX ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Refine/extensions/
  2. Download CKAN Storage Extension
  3. Unzip the downloaded archive into the extensions folder (step 1).
  4. Restart Google Refine
  5. Open an existing project or create a new one. You should see a CKAN small button in the upper right corner.

Features Top ^

  • Upload any combination of CSV table, RDF data and Google Refine operation history. (RDF data is only available if you have the RDF Extension)
  • Link the uploaded files to an existing package or register a new one. (you need an API key to write to CKAN)
screenshot of CKAN extension

Source Code Top ^

The code is shared on github under the BSD License

Support and feedback Top ^

Bugs, suggestions, feature requests, ideas...? use the issue tracker or contact us:
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